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Ashley Dominates Connor & Sean (2011, CorbinFisher)

Tags: 2011, BISEX, Bisex clip, Bareback, Group Sex, Bondage, Strapon, Muscles, Kink


Ashley Dominates Connor & Sean (2011, CorbinFisher)

Released: 2011
Categories: Bareback, Oral/Anal Sex,Group, Bondage, Strapon, Cumshots, Muscle, Bisex, Kink
Length: 00:22:56
Studio: CorbinFisher, AmateurCollegeSex

Ashley sure loves to dominate these young college studs! And this time around itís an eager Connor and a slightly nervous Sean who get tied up and dominated Ė and the results are hot! Seanís never experienced anything like this before and itís clear heís a little anxious. But once she gets him tied up and going, Ashley doesnít give him time to feel anything but turned on. And, as Sean says, if he ever has a girl in the future into bondage, heís ready to go! Ashley pushes the guys face down. Now even Connor admits to some nerves. Ashley pulls them up by the hair and makes them say they love being in bondage. She smacks their asses, promising to make them go home with her handprints on their butts.
As she readies her strap-on, she makes Connor tell her how much heís been wanting to try this after seeing her other dom scenes. Sean admits itís getting hot. She tells them to look at her and beg her to suck her cock. Sean is first up. Ashley makes him gag on her dildo. She teases Connor with the strap-on, then shoves it into his mouth. Sheís loving turning these hot studs into her servants! She puts Connorís dick in Seanís mouth and Connor has to bend over and suck her strap-on again. Connor fucks Seanís mouth.
Connor lifts up Seanís legs so Ashley can spank him harder. She strokes Connorís cock as Sean works on his balls. She makes Sean tell her heís her ďbitch.Ē She sits on Seanís face so he can eat her out as she feeds Connor her dick. Ashley wonít let Connor touch his dick until she tells him he can. She makes Connor and Sean look each other in the eyes and tell the other how hot what theyíre doing is. The guys clearly feel awkward Ė but itís hot to see them say what she makes them say. Sheís really taking control of Sean and Connor. She smacks Connor hard before he fucks Sean. Connor slides his big dick into Seanís ass. Ashley strokes Seanís cock as he gets fucked and tells him to squeal and moan. Connor pulls out then plunges back in. Ashley puts his tied wrists around Seanís neck, making Sean have to lean up. Ashley tickles Connorís balls as he fucks Sean.
Sean moans louder as he takes every inch of Connorís cock. Ashley fingers Connorís ass. Then she says Sean is making too much noise and pushes her strap-on into Seanís mouth! Ashley gets them both on their backs. She has Sean hold up Connorís legs so he can get fucked by her dick. Connor takes Seanís cock into his mouth. Ashley jerks Connorís dick for him. Sean sucks Connorís toes. Connor moans and begs Ashley to ďPlease fuck me, mistress.Ē Connor has to ask permission to come. Ashley jerks his cum into Seanís waiting hands. Within moments, Sean shoots his load all over Connorís muscled chest. Ashley teases the sensitive head of Seanís cock, making him shiver and moan. Ashley gets them on their hands and knees, and makes them kiss her feet and thank her for letting them cum. And they should!

Ashley Dominates Connor & Sean (2011, CorbinFisher) Ashley Dominates Connor & Sean (2011, CorbinFisher)

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Ashley Dominates Connor & Sean (2011, CorbinFisher)





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